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About IoT in Transportation

IoT is revolutionizing the transportation industry and has made this sector smarter. Using the sensor-enabled assets, it is now easier to procure real-time activities of the cargo, optimize freight management and improve warehouse operations. Back in 2017, the number of IoT transport units were 2.6 million and were further expected to reach 3.7 million units by the year 2025. This exponential increase in the transport units reflects the excellent progress of IoT in the transportation sector.

We provide an interoperable End-to-End IoT solution that lets you monitor and analyze vehicle performance, and store on-site data on multiple channels. This solution further assures the vehicle safety even when the vehicle is running across remote locations.

End-to-End Solution

Experience a comprehensive and complete IoT solution for end-to-end device management, application, connectivity support and security.

Custom Branded Solution

Procure high-end flexibility, scalability, and security with our modular architecture and easy-to-use resources.

Quick Time to Market

This plug and play solution can be easily installed for a POC of 10 devices within 2 to 3 weeks.

Automated Data Pattern Recognition

Tailored with domain specific learning and automated data pattern recognition system to fulfill essential business needs.

Maritime Shipping

An IoT solution offers easy applications for the shipping industry to keep a live track of the shipments and monitor the cargo condition. We facilitate the shipping industry with a feature-rich IoT solution that monitors the shipboard equipment, functions in real-time, helps reduce the downtime costs, and improves the employee safety. It allows the managers to maintain the cargoes’ condition at an advanced level.

Supply Chain Transportation

IoT in transportation has evolved as a boon for the whole supply chain process. Whether it be the movement of goods from plant to the distributors or distributors to the sellers, you have the benefit of analyzing the movements of your transportation through IoT. Even the long-distance trading is made easier with the implementation of IoT application with the transportation sector.

Commercial Delivery

IoT has made possible the on-time delivery of the products without any compromise in the quality. We provide the logistics businesses with innovative solutions that can be used for timely residential and commercial deliveries. The different modules can be implemented with the transportation business for easy, effective, and express service deliveries.

Digital Bill of Lading

All the legalities and equivalent paper work has now been replaced by digital bill of lading. We have designed an IoT solution that helps you save your time and energy to execute the documentation process while trading. The solution provides a fair execution of smart trade contracts, delivering an exceptional digital transformation.

Pre Configured Solutions

Install first and believe next — A comprehensive platform to find solutions for all your business requirements in the transportation sector. It is customizable, provides gateways, effective networking, support services, and comprehensive software for an end-to-end IoT solution.

Track live locations of your transports with GPS Fleet Tracking. It is a configured solution that lets you solve real business challenges facilitating optimized fuel consumption and reduced delivery time. This solution is designed to provide real-time insights for fleet operations.

Key features of our solution
  • Transparent operability
  • Improved Security
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Cost effective
  • Temperature/RH tracking
  • Optimized fuel consumption
  • Feasible Maintenance
  • Quick delivery

Keep track of your driver’s driving habits with this fleet monitoring module. We offer modular IoT technology that fits the needs of your fleet. This solution aims to resolve fleet related issues and enables real-time monitoring process for effective management.

Key features of our solution
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Cargo weight management
  • Fleet safety
  • Fast delivery
  • Prevents fuel thefts
  • Geofence alerts
  • Ignition alerts
  • Advanced analytics

Revolutionize your shipping operations and documentation through IoT. We offer a smart contract solution that eliminates the alteration of contract and provides a secured way for goods trading. The smart contract consists of a digital bill of lading that mitigates the flaws of traditional trade methods.

Key features of our solution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Secured trading
  • Full compliance of BoL terms
  • Digitized shipping contracts
  • Eliminate manual processing
  • End-to-end IoT connectivity
  • Reduces working capital
  • Rapid insurance claims

Internet of Things helps provide a secured oil transportation process. Therefore, we have designed an oil-theft prevention system that measures the volume of the oil being transported and an alert system provides real-time notifications to avoid oil theft.

Key features of our solution
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Level monitoring
  • Leak detection
  • Immediate alert system
  • Highly scalable
  • Cost effective with high ROI
  • Environment-friendly
  • Universal accessibility

Monitor the real-time weight of the trailer with this no-scale-load-scale IoT solution. Installing a sensor on the truck’s axle gives you the exact weight of the truck and the weight data is reflected on a mobile application for analysis.

Key features of our solution
  • Real-time weight monitoring
  • Cost-effective with high ROI
  • Avoid unnecessary fines
  • Easy data access through mobile app
  • Maximize the payload
  • One-time investment
  • No unnecessary hardware involved
  • Accurate results

Core Differentiators

We believe in our values and follow a systematic procedure to develop a full-fledged IoT solution. These key features make us unique in the IT industry

Pre-Configured Vertical Business Domain Solution

Quick time to


Gradual capability

Learning and automated data pattern recognition

Modular, highly flexible and scalable


Your satisfaction is our achievement.


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Products Done


Products Done

With our turnkey IoT solution, we have helped transportation and logistics companies to supervise their fleets from a different angle. Here are some figures that represent our success.

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