Add Value to your Logistics Business with A Smart Cargo Monitoring Solution

IoT In Transportation

How do you believe that the transported product is secured?

How do you verify the documents of each cargo?

How do you manage to keep track of the cargo?

How would you know if the product is delivered on time?

Here is the answer to all your how’s.

The traditional and manual ways of monitoring in the logistics industry create doubts about the on-time delivery of the cargo or raise a question on its security. Also, it is very time-consuming for the logistics authorities to verify every contract, whenever the cargo is unloaded or stopped. Moreover, the logistics sector is surrounded by a large chain of operations having different levels and is striving to potentially manage each level successfully. Thus, the cargo handlers look more towards technological acceptance in the logistics sector.

IoT technology works as a benefit for every segment in the logistics sector. Be it in cargo handling, document verification at every stop, supply chain improvement, and many others; every segment is transparently operated with the help of IoT. Here we are going to especially talk about one of the most important segments, cargo monitoring, and how IoT is adding value to the logistics department.

Transporting Goods in Smart Containers: A Cargo Monitoring Solution

Powered with IoT technology, a cargo monitoring solution enables the logistics sector with accurate supervision of goods during transportation. The solution allows you to monitor across every parameter like temperature, pressure, humidity, and weight from goods carrying containers, vessels, or trailers.

Tracking and tracing the cargo in real-time is primitive to carry out smooth and flexible logistics services. IoT is a sensor-based technology that is widely used for monitoring cargos of all sizes and their entire process flow in a supply chain.

The technology comprises of sensor devices that are installed on the cargo to fetch valuable data plus automatically verifies the parameters to keep the goods in the safest condition. The data is then reflected through advanced analytics on the manager's dashboard to further analyze the situation for better decisions.

The shipment monitoring system creates visibility into the movement of goods that significantly eases the tasks of cargo handlers for better supply chain optimization. These tasks can be simplified with innovative IoT applications in the logistics industry.

There are various applications of a cargo monitoring solution like supply chain visibility, cold chain transportation, and are suitable for every mode of transport.

Supply Chain Transparency

• Real-time check on the cargo’s condition

• Immediate alerts

• Wireless tracking

• Extensive visibility at every level

Cold Chain Transportation

• Maintains a favorable environment

• Improved efficiency

• Temperature monitoring

• Detects blind spots easily

Advantages of A Smart Cargo Tracking Solution

Automated Data Capture

The logistics industry experiences a massive import and export of goods through cargo and different types of other containers, which brings the requirement of better cargo management strategies. IoT technology plays an important role to allow smart work for the managers. It is possible due to the sensor-enabled containers that allow you to fetch data information for better analysis. This enables automatic data capture from every cargo, providing real-time information to the logistic authorities, which guides them to keep a detailed watch on the cargo until it reaches its destination.

Monitoring Cargo Quality

Maintaining cargo quality with the help of IoT technology is easier as compared to the manual methods. You can identify the damaged areas of cargo and maintain the claimed conditions for the transported product. It can be easily done with the help of sensor-based solutions as they constantly collect and monitor data from the vessels. Tracking the temperature, humidity, status, and location of the cargo allows you to check the cargo quality inside out.

Real-time Data Access

IoT utilizes the internet facilities to connect the cargo with the manager’s desk, and allow the logistics department to track the real-time status of the trailers from any location. This helps keep a check on the ETA of the goods and stoppage areas. Also, with real-time data access, it is easier to stay updated with delivery schedules, or if any cargo doors are remaining opened. You can simply connect with the concerned person to mitigate the faults.


There are immense possibilities where cargo is exposed to thefts. A shipment should be clean from unwanted incoming materials like bombs and drugs. A cargo monitoring solution, therefore, tracks the products until they reach to the end customer. The sensors on the cargo generate alerts as soon as the trailer enters any unauthorized or unsecured location. The authorities use these alerts to take immediate action to avoid mishaps. The solution comprises advanced and smart IoT techniques to assist in secured cargo deliveries.


Smart containers are designed with powerful management tactics to be able to connect easily with logistics assets from anywhere. These sensor-enabled cargos are an essential part of multi-modal supply chain processes, which control the overall costing efficiently. All of this directly impacts on maximum improvement in the logistics, and reduced cost in both domestic and international supply chain performances.

IoT technology is emerging with new concepts to transport the products safely even at far off places. A cargo monitoring solution is one such innovation that adds value to the logistics industry with its capabilities of providing real-time status of the cargo. The solution is equipped with the latest sensor devices to quickly detect the fault areas so that immediate action is taken. You can avail smart cargo monitoring services for your logistics business in a pocket-friendly budget and also perform consistent maintenance at a very low price.

The rapid advancement of technology provides the shipping department with inevitable digital solutions like cargo monitoring and smart contracts. IoT technology offers effective data management practices so that it is easier for managers to perform operations via smart gadgets. It is a preferred technology to stay updated with the exact status and location of the shipment and cargo, which results in taking better decisions. If you plan to transform your logistics industry, implementing a cargo monitoring solution is the wisest decision.